Meet Our Runners: Helen Griffith

We have ten tremendous runners who have taken up the challenge of running for our charity in this year’s London Marathon, here is why Helen chose to run for us!

Meet Our Runners: Helen Griffith

I started running 6 years ago when a friend suggested that we do a couch to 5K! I honestly didn’t think I would survive Week 1 run 1!

I have never been sporty, and did very little exercise, however both the physical and mental benefits have been huge and for this reason taking up running was one of the best choices I have ever made!

I ran my first marathon in 2022 and swore throughout the training, during the marathon, and for 6 months after that I would never sign up for another one!

It was without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever achieved, the training is gruelling, and I had to dig very deep at times to get through it, however on the day it was the proudest moment of my life and that is the reason that I applied to run a second marathon for the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Charitable Fund.

I started my Nurse training in 1991 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, and over the last 30 years have worked in the spinal unit, surgical wards, been a Night Nurse Practitioner, and currently work as a Clinical Discharge Coordinator.

BHT has been a huge part of my life and career, and it is for this reason I have opted to support the Charitable Fund for my fundraising for the London Marathon.

This will be my last marathon, but I hope this will inspire others to give it a go - if I can run a marathon anyone can.

Helen Griffith

Helen is holding a fundraising quiz on March 9th, alongside Julie Sturges, another of our London Marathon runners. Tickets must be purchased before the event; you can get tickets directly from Helen and Julie or contact us at for further details on how to purchase tickets.

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