Leave a lasting legacy in your will

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Every day, patients’ lives across Buckinghamshire are transformed, thanks to kind and generous gifts left in wills.

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust cares for over half a million patients every year in our hospitals, in the community and in patients’ homes.

Your legacy could make a real difference to your local community. And, should your loved ones need care or support in the future your generosity will provide comfort and hope for them too.

Why leave a gift in your will

Having a will makes sure what you care about most will be looked after when you’re gone.

Many kind and compassionate supporters choose to leave a gift to Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust in their will. As a thank you for the incredible care they’ve received, and to help provide life-changing care for others in the future.

These generous gifts total almost £500,000 every year, which funds pioneering equipment, research and facilities that the NHS alone cannot provide.

How to leave a gift in your will

Leaving a legacy is usually straightforward. Firstly, choose what you’d like to leave as a legacy. There are three main ways you can choose:

Leave a percentage of your estate

This is also known as a residuary gift. It protects the other parties in your will and won’t be affected by inflation.

Leave a fixed sum

You may want to leave a fixed sum of money. This is known as a pecuniary gift.

Leave a specific gift

This could be an item of jewellery or some shares. Your solicitor can help with how to word this in your will.

Writing or making changes to your will

We always recommend using a solicitor. You may have an existing solicitor, but if not, ask for recommendations from friends and family.

We have also partnered with two online will providers, Farewill and KWIL. Their experts can help you write your will from the ease of your home and can answer any questions you have.

Our details to include a gift in your will

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Charitable Fund
Amersham Hospital
Whielden Street

Registered charity number: 1053113

Find out more

Our free ‘Gifts in wills’ pack includes detailed information, stories from others who have chosen to leave a gift in their will, and a list of frequently asked questions.

To request your copy, please email bht.charity@nhs.net. If you’d like to talk to us, you can call us on 01494 411700.

Your legacy could make a real difference to your local community when they need it most.

Your legacy could benefit your loved ones in the future too.

Your choice.

Your will.

Your legacy.