The incredible difference we make

A spinal injury patient, a white man in his 40s, is holding a ball using a robotic arm. He's wearing a blu pattenred shirt and is using a wheelchair. A healthcare assistant is supporting him.

Each year, the dedicated nurses, doctors, healthcare workers and support staff at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust care for more than half a million patients.

We fundraise to help the Trust provide the very best care possible to each and every one.

Together, we make a huge difference

With your generous support, we fund projects that go beyond what the NHS is able to provide. Everything from specialist medical training, state-of-the-art equipment and world-leading research, to the small things that bring a smile to people’s faces or help make a tough time more bearable.

The hospitals we support

We fundraise for 7 NHS hospitals in Buckinghamshire:

You can find more about the way the Charitable Fund is set up and how we’re governed and stay accountable here.

Ready to do something incredible?

Help us make even more of a difference to local patients and the healthcare heroes who look after them:

Your donations and fundraising in action

Thanks to your kind and generous support, the charity has been able to fund these incredible projects:

State-of-the-art equipment

  • The cardiology team is able to pinpoint issues and symptoms more precisely thanks to a new portable cardiovascular ultrasound system with 4D capability (The Vivid S70N)
  • The entire Trust is able to detect influenza and other infections more quickly thanks to 3 point of care analysers and consumables.
  • Three additional powered wheelchairs for the National Spinal Injury Centre (NSIC)
  • A new Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill for the spinal gym in the NSIC is helping patients move in new ways and without pain, to recover their mobility, improve wellness, and enhance physical performance.
  • Patients with pathologies related to gait disorders are getting better diagnoses and training plans thanks to a new BTS G-WALK system for the NSIC.

World-leading research

  • The Ann Masson Research Fellowship is supporting the development of research initiatives within the National Spinal Injury Centre.
  • Neuro-Map Research Study is investigating the evaluation of neuro-navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation for rapid corticomotor mapping of impaired upper limb muscles in chronic spinal cord injury.
  • Neuro-TESCS Research Study is looking at the active transcutaneous electrical spinal cord stimulation and peripheral stimulation for rehabilitation of upper-limb function after cervical spinal cord injury.
  • A 2-year managerial research post is helping the National Spinal Cord Injuries Unit and the Research & Innovation Department build an infrastructure to find better ways to increase the number of trials related to spinal cord injuries and for patients to access new interventions for treatment and rehabilitation.

Making things better for our superstar staff

  • The Critical Care Staff Room and Doctors Room in the ICU at Stoke Mandeville Hospital have been completely refurbished to provide a more comfortable environment.
  • Two new sleep pods are helping junior doctors reduce stress during the working day and grab power naps between shifts.
  • Staff in A&E are saving time and stress thanks to a licence for the Oak Communications Intranet System, which enables them to access patient records and more importantly, share information on a patient’s treatment and the correct clinical pathway.