Burns Awareness Day Recap

The Burns team holding a National Burns Awareness Day banner in front of a fire truck with some fire fighters.

Thank you to the brilliant Burns Team, who raised £846 for the Burns Fund on National Burns Awareness Day!

Wednesday, October 11 was National Burns Awareness Day, and the Burns Team held a fantastic open day at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

The team shared information about how to avoid burns, such as making sure hot water bottles are still safe to use, as well as sharing how best to treat a burn.

They also held an excellent raffle, bake sale, and cake auction, raising funds for the Burns Fund.

A massive thank you to everyone on the Burns Team for putting together such a great day, and to everyone who stopped by to speak with the Burns Team and donate to our charity.

The Burns Team at the open day.

The Burns Team at the open day.

Purple Yam auction cake.

Cake auction.

Thank you to the generous raffle sponsors!

Together, we make a huge difference!

We fundraise to help the Trust provide the very best care possible to each and every one.

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