24 Hour Basic Life Support Marathon Recap

Well done to the Resuscitation Service team and thank you to the 420 people who came out to support the team by learning some basic life support skills and donating £142 to our charity during the 24-hour Basic Life Support Marathon!

The Basic Life Support marathon began at 8am on Friday November 3 and ended after 24 hours of continuous chest compressions at 8am on Saturday. The aim was to offer basic life support training to as many people as possible or provide a refresher to those already trained.

A woman gives a mannequin chest compression whilst a pets as therapy black dog sits on next to the mannequin.

Marley the therapy dog stopped by to support the event!

The Resuscitation Service Team wanted to highlight how this training could help enable anyone to save a life and formed part of a wider ambition to train 1,800 people over six weeks.

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