Hospital Garden Volunteers Win Unsung Hero Award

Hugh on stage speaking into a microphone and holding the award

A massive congratulations to our fabulous Amersham Hospital Garden Volunteers, who won the ‘Volunteer Team of the Year’ Unsung Hero Award last Friday. The Amersham Hospital Garden Volunteers have been revitalising and maintaining gardens and outdoor spaces across the Amersham site over the last three years.

We all know how important beautiful and calming outside spaces are for our mental health and wellbeing, so we’re all delighted to have received this special award recognising all the hard work the garden volunteers have been doing over the last three years to rejuvenate the courtyard spaces along with the wider support of the local community, Charitable Fund and the Trust’s management board. It is such a lovely team to be part of and we all feel very proud of what we are achieving - teamwork really does make the dream work. We all find it so rewarding, especially with the lovely comments we get from staff and patients on how they really appreciate the transformation to the spaces and how it is so nice to have these calming areas to rest and recharge in nature.

Hugh Chamberlain - Garden Volunteer

Amersham Hospital Garden Project

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Amersham Hospital Gardens Project

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