New Functional Electrical Stimulators for BRNU

Functional Electrical Stimulator connected to a patients leg

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Charitable Fund has funded two Functional Electrical Stimulators (FES). The stimulators will provide gait re-education for patients of the Buckinghamshire Neuro Rehabilitation Unit in Amersham Hospital suffering from neurological conditions causing weakness in their lower limb muscles.

“The stimulators can be used to correct foot drops by stimulating the patient’s own muscles to lift their foot timed with their gait via a heel pressure switch in their shoe. They have also been using it on other weak leg muscles vital for a good gait pattern, for example quadriceps, hamstrings, or gluteal muscles. This allows patients to strengthen their muscles whilst relearning a more natural pattern of movement.

The stimulators also give patients the opportunity to trial FES as a long-term alternative to wearing an orthotic splint to correct a foot drop.”

Katherine Stagg, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Neuro Rehabilitation

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