Clarification form for expenditure under £5,000

Please make sure you have familiarised yourself with what we are able to fund and the funding requirements.

Charity Commission Regulations state that the principal purpose of the NHS charities is to deliver services to patients and that the outcome of using Charitable Funds should have a patient focus. In order that we can demonstrate compliance with these regulations please provide an explanation on how this expenditure complies specifically with the categories and criteria mentioned below. This will ensure that the use of the Charitable Funds is justified and the expenditure can then be authorised.

This clarification is required for expenditure where it is complex to perceive instantly the direct benefit of the patients that are being treated at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and where it is not clear why this expenditure should not be covered directly by the Trust.

Please take into consideration that the Charitable Funds policy, states that attendance at a training event or conference, the subject of which, however commendable, is not likely to benefit the health of the people of Buckinghamshire, cannot be funded by the Charitable Funds.

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Clarification questions

The impact is all the changes resulting from this activity, project or service. It includes intended, positive, and short-term / long-term effects.

Clarification questions for training and conferences

Fund Signatories cannot authorise the spending of a sum greater than 20% or £500 whichever is the lower, of their fund balance in any financial year on learning and development opportunities. Above this expenditure limit, approval will be required by the Charitable Funds Committee.

A clawback agreement must be in place and signed prior to the release of funds.

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Fund compliance

Any requirement in order to use Charitable Fund Money must be compliant with the fund purpose(s) and should fall into one of the following categories. Please select all benefits that apply.

For expenditure on staff to be charitable, it should have a direct or indirect link with improving the level of care provided to patients. This may include, in certain circumstances, expenditure to improve staff recruitment, retention and morale.

Please be as specific and detailed as possible.

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