Over the Moon with our Ophthalmic equipment

Thanks to a recent gift left in a will, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Charitable Fund was able to invest in new Ophthalmic equipment. This has made a fantastic difference to our retinal patient care delivered in our Ophthalmology Department.

We are so grateful for the gift as it has enabled our department to purchase 4 slit lamps.  It has also helped with the conversion of a 5th lamp which was greatly appreciated.

Slit lamps are the main and essential piece of equipment needed to examine every patient in the eye clinic. The extra slit lamps have meant we've been able to increase the number of patients seen in clinic during a time when social distancing has been a priority.

This equipment is central to the development of a one-stop consultation/injection service for our retinal patients in a specified area of the eye department. In addition, all the new slit lamps, including the converted one, are now wheelchair friendly which has greatly enhanced the care of our patients.

Stephanie, Nurse Consultant

Thanks to the legacy gift, the Ophthalmology Department has also been able to provide two extra rooms in eye casualty for doctors/nurse practitioners/optometrists to provide extra care and capacity for patients.

This wonderful equipment has also increased the education and training of junior doctors/nurses and allied health professionals.

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