Meet Our Runners: Nikki Stafford

Image of Nikki Stafford running across a rocky surface.

My wife, Tabetha, fought a 6-week battle in intensive care whilst 33 weeks pregnant with our baby boy Jax, after falling critically ill due to covid. Both are perfectly healthy two years later. This would not have been possible without the NHS and I want to thank them for their tireless efforts as they continue saving lives.

I run because I can. On some days I meet people who struggle to even walk.

I have been a Clinical Exercise Physiologist/Specialist working in a cardiac rehabilitation setting for the last 11 years.

It gives me a huge sense of gratitude having the capacity to use my body the way I can, whilst I can.

I plan to run my second sub-3-hour marathon at Brighton early April. London will be 3 weeks later where I plan to run the same time.

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