Covid Recovery Garden Case Study

Last Autumn we unveiled our Covid Recovery Garden at Brookside Clinic. We’d like to share a case study from the covid recovery garden with you to highlight the positive impact the garden is already having.

Patients of the Community Head Injury Service may be offered the opportunity to volunteer in the garden as part of their rehabilitation, Martin Hillier, Placement Consultant for the Community Head Injury Service, shared the following:

"This client has some big communication difficulties and he worked alongside Paul on planting day. He is volunteering for our service and until this had no weekly structure and was getting into trouble as he had so much time on his hands. He started volunteering with us two weeks ago once his paperwork had been completed. He started doing it one day a week in his first week, and within two weeks he requested to come in 3 times a week. The garden has given him an activity that keeps him occupied and helps him build up his stamina and work-based skills. He is a pleasure for us to have around and we have been able to see a very positive side to him. Without the garden and related projects, he would be at home and potentially find life very difficult.

This is just one person’s story. We now have 5 volunteers and a gardening group based here and this is just the beginning really".

Martin Hillier, Placement Consultant for the Community Head Injury Service

An image of the Covid Recovery Garden

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